After a Serious Injury, “Forgive and Forget” Isn’t an Option

Have you been through a serious accident and you believe that someone’s careless actions caused your injuries? When someone else was responsible for your accident and losses then you do have some options, and forgiveness isn’t one of them. The law in Louisiana allows all those who’ve been hurt by someone to seek justice.

You should hold negligent parties accountable when their actions have caused you suffering and losses.

What is a Personal Injury Case?

A personal injury case is when you sue someone for causing you harm. You can file an injury claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company and receive a settlement. This will allow you to receive justice and compensation for your suffering without going to court. You can go to court by filing an injury lawsuit.

There are benefits and negatives to either option, but the goals for both are the same: hold the negligent party accountable and receive monetary compensation for the financial and non-financial losses you’ve faced.

Monetary losses refer to the ways you have been impacted financially by your accident and injuries. Things like medical bills, lost income, cost of treatment or services, and property damage are examples of monetary losses.

Non-monetary losses refer to the intangible ways your accident has changed your life for the worst, such as pain and suffering and mental trauma.

What is the Personal Injury Process Like?

Filing a personal injury case is not easy. There are several steps and all the steps can be difficult to complete for someone who is still dealing with injuries and trauma from an accident.

The first step is to investigate your accident and find out what caused it. Next, you must determine who is liable for the accident so that you can file your case against them. Then you will need to gather proof of the cause of your accident and proof against the liable party.

Once you’ve done all of that you will need to file the actually injury paperwork against the at-fault party, usually with the insurance company. You will need to calculate your claim’s value to determine how much compensation you’re owed.

You will then enter negotiations with the insurer over what your losses are worth. If they don’t pay you the fair settlement you deserve then you can take your case to court by filing an injury lawsuit.

Get Help from a Lawyer

When you’ve been injured in a serious accident you should get legal assistance from a personal injury lawyer in Baton Rouge regarding filing your case. They will know all the steps and can assist you in achieving your goals. You deserve both justice and financial compensation for an accident you didn’t cause. Forgive and forget is not a viable option.

What to Do When Someone Else’s Negligence Hurts You

When you are involved in an accident and it was caused by the negligent actions of another, you can hold them accountable for their reckless decisions by filing a personal injury claim against them.

Here, you can seek compensation for the damages you’ve endured. Continue reading to learn more about who may be named as the defendant in your case and what losses should be included when calculating the value of your claim.

Establishing Fault

The person or persons who will be found liable for your damages will largely depend on the type of accident you were involved in. Below, we have compiled a list of some of the different types of accidents typically seen and the parties who are found at-fault for the cause of these accidents:

  • Motor vehicle accidents – In auto wrecks the vehicle technicians, automakers, the Department of Transportation, and the other involved driver are usually found culpable for injury victims damages.
  • Premises liability – Generally speaking, the owner of the property on which you were injured will be responsible for covering your losses.
  • Medical malpractice – Nearly any medical professional who was providing or overseeing your treatment and care can have a medical malpractice claim brought against them.
  • Dog bites – The owner of the dog who attacked you will almost always need to compensate you for the damage their pet has caused.
  • Defective products – Products liability claims are unique in that anyone involved in the chain of distribution of the item in question can be found responsible for your losses.

Your attorney will conduct a thorough investigation and gather all of the evidence necessary to support your case. This might include photographs, police reports, safety inspection reports, video footage, expert testimony and witness statements, to name a few. Speak with your lawyer if you have further questions about blame in personal injury claims.

Get the Compensation to Which You’re Entitled

When someone else causes you to endure an injury, they should be expected to repay you for all you’ve been through. Your attorney will be responsible for calculating how much your claim is worth.

They’ll do this by considering the impact your injuries have had on your life including your lost wages, pain and suffering, the loss of enjoyment of life, your medical expenses, the loss of companionship and love, and mental anguish, to name a few. The goal will be to get every single damage you’ve suffered accounted for in your claim.

Speak with a Highly Trained Personal Injury Lawyer

When you’ve suffered a serious injury and aren’t sure what you should do moving forward, call an experienced injury attorney who can help you build a powerful case against the liable party.

A reputable firm will offer their clients a free case review to discuss the details of your case before you make the decision to pursue your claim. Schedule yours today so that you can start to pick up the pieces of your life.