DUI Lawyer Austin Legal Assistance Provides Top Quality Representation

Those who are charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol need an experienced criminal attorney. If a policeman stops a driver for a minor traffic offense, the officer may have reason to believe that the driver is intoxicated. If this is the case, he or she can administer something referred to as a breathalyzer test. Motorists who refuse to submit to such tests can still be placed under arrest, if the law enforcement officer has good reason to believe the person is driving under the influence. This is how many DUI cases begin, with a routine breathalyzer test administered on the street or highway that measures the driver’s blood alcohol level and subsequently leads to his or her incarceration. In such cases, obtaining DUI lawyer Austin Legal Assistance is imperative.


Understanding Blood Alcohol Levels

Certain drivers erroneously believe that their blood alcohol level depends on the amount of alcohol they consume, but this is not always true. The number of alcoholic beverages the driver consumes on a particular day cannot be used to determine whether or not that individual is sober enough to operate a motor vehicle. A person’s level of intoxication depends on a broad range of factors and alcohol tolerance varies considerably from one person to the next. For instance, an individual’s weight directly affects how quickly the person becomes impaired. A petite woman may feel tipsy after just a few cocktails, while a tall heavyset man may be able to consume quite a few strong drinks before becoming even slightly impaired.

For this reason, some drivers innocently begin heading home after a night at a bar or lounge and are completely unaware that their blood alcohol content may be far beyond the legal limit as set forth by law.

Austin DUI attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help drivers who are faced with
Impaired DUI charges. Therefore, it is in the best interest of essentially all drivers to seek professional help immediately following an arrest for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. A qualified attorney who understands the drunk driving laws in the state of Texas is able to offer appropriate advice that will ensure the individual experiences the best possible outcome with regard to his or her case.

Choosing an Austin DUI Lawyer

One of the first aspects to which thought must be given when a person is searching for a qualified lawyer is the cost of a legal defense. Prior to committing themselves to a client, most legal professionals require a monetary retainer. The amount the attorney requests will vary substantially from one law firm to another. Therefore, asking about such fees in advance is a wise course of action for prospective clients.

It is also important to thoroughly research the reputation of any legal professional one is considering hiring. This is because certain lawyers have better skills and a higher level of experience than others. Finding a lawyer who specializes in DUI cases is usually the best way to proceed when one is facing such charges. Even though all law firms will say that they offer the best services, savvy consumers understand that certain attorneys can outperform their competitors, particularly if they specialize in drunk driving cases. For this reason, it is wise for prospective clients to check the track record of various law firms prior to making a final decision. It is even possible to complete an Internet search to see the success rates of individual attorneys.

Establishing a Positive Relationship

Being able to establish a positive rapport with one’s lawyer is something that should not be overlooked. If a person feels as if he or she cannot communicate efficiently with a certain professional it is wise to cross that attorney off his or her list and move on to another law firm. This is because appropriate communication is essential to ensure satisfactory results, especially if the case must go to trial.

Attorneys who seem indifferent during an initial consultation should not be given further consideration. This is because in order to try a case effectively, a lawyer must be alert and interested in what the client has to say. In addition, if the lawyer does not seem confident and capable, this should be considered a bad sign.

Avoiding Hasty Decisions When Choosing an Austin DUI Attorney

Making hasty decisions is not recommended. For instance, some clients select an attorney without investing appropriate amounts of time and effort to the task. However, selecting the first attorney who comes along is usually a regrettable decision. Even though picking a name from the Yellow Pages in the phone book or choosing the first attorney that pops up on a Google search are quick ways to locate a lawyer, they do not guarantee that the best legal professional will be found. If possible, one should obtain word-of-mouth referrals from other individuals who have found themselves in similar circumstances or read online client reviews.

Before a final selection is made, it is best for the prospective client to narrow down his or her choices to a handful of legal firms. If possible, the client should request a free consultation with two or three different lawyers in order to choose the most suitable person for the case. Ultimately, seeking a DUI lawyer Austin Legal Assistance firm to handle any criminal charges is in the best interest of anyone who has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.