Seeking SSD in Boston? You Have Legal Options

The Social Security Disability (or SSD) Insurance Program in Boston is tailored to offer financial help to individuals who have suffered a disability that prevents them from continuing working. While the process may seem like a straightforward one, it’s not. You are expected to observe strict guidelines and meet a number of legal requirements before you can be awarded the SSD benefits. So, hiring an SSD lawyer is advisable. The lawyer will help you gather the documentation and argue your case.

Are seeking SSD in Boston? You have legal options as discussed below, but first, you have to be eligible for the benefits.

How Do You Know if You are Eligible for SSD Benefits?

First, your lawyer has to check the circumstances surrounding your claim to ensure that you fit the SSD benefit program. The lawyer has to confirm that you are really disabled. In this case, being injured and not being able to work for a specific period doesn’t necessarily imply that you are disabled and that you are entitled the financial benefits.

Second, you should have worked in a job position that is covered by the Social Security Program. In addition, you have to have served for a reasonable period. This will help in determining the Social Security Credits. The credits are converted to the money that is paid to you as compensation.

Last, you have to meet the criteria for determining an SSD beneficiary as described by the Social Security Administration (SSA). For this case, you have to meet these specifications:

  • Be unable to continue working because of a disability.
  • Your disability has lasted for 1 year or more or is expected to last this much.
  • The SSA has determined that you are ineligible to find another job because of the disability.

What are Your Legal Options?

If you plan to file for SSD Benefits in Boston, the first thing that you need to do is visit the SSA office and file an official application. You are expected to submit supportive documents showing proof of your injury during the application. This includes the doctor’s report and all medical records. However, since close to 90% of SSD first-time applicants are denied the benefits in Boston, there is a likelihood that yours will be denied too. This is where the Social security disability lawyer in Boston is important as the lawyer will help you rearrange your documentation before the 60-day Request for Consideration term expires. The good news is that much of the paperwork is done online these days, so you can work with an attorney over the internet.

What if the Request for Consideration is Rejected?

In such a case, the law provides you with the right to ask for a formal hearing before an administrative panel. The panel features an administrative judge, medical experts, and vocational authorities. The panel will interview you to determine the basis of your claim. Then, the judge will pass a ruling indicating whether you should be awarded the SSD benefits or not.

The hearing, popularly known as the Administrative Hearing, may be your last and only chance to argue your case and get the financial benefits that your really deserve for the injury suffered. Your lawyer will take you through a grilling process meant to prepare you for the formal interview. You’ll be taught what questions to expect and how to answer them. Furthermore, your lawyer will be with you throughout the hearing to ensure that you come out victorious in the end.

Final Thoughts

If you are seeking for SSD in Boston, you have legal options meant to help you get compensated handsomely for the injuries sustained. Using the above information, you now know what to expect in as far as the application process is concerned. With a great SSD lawyer on your side, the process is a little easier.

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